2020.2.28 As Coronavirus Spreads, Experts Explain When to Call a Doctor, How Testing Works and More


UCSF Health has put into the place CDC-recommended infection prevention protocols and procedures to prevent spread of infection from patients with COVID-19, said Yokoe.
These include placing patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19 infection into isolation rooms with negative pressure and special ventilation to prevent the spread of illness to other patients and staff. UCSF Health has over 40 airborne infection isolation rooms and can adapt additional rooms to care for larger number of patients, if needed.

2020.2.28 新型コロナウイルス 閉鎖空間で短時間浮遊の可能性 学会が見解 換気でリスク下げ


・初期の指針「一般市民向け新型コロナウイルス感染症に対する注意事項(2020 年 2 月 3 日現在)」「新型コロナウイルス感染症(COVID-19)―水際対策から感染蔓延期に向けて―(2020 年 2 月 21 日現在)」には換気については全く言及されていなかった(向野)

2020.2.28 Coronavirus Disease 2019 vs. the Flu

airborn infectionの可能性があると言ってます。

While both the flu and COVID-19 may be transmitted in similar ways (see the Similarities section above), there is also a possible difference: COVID-19 might be spread through the airborne route, meaning that tiny droplets remaining in the air could cause disease in others even after the ill person is no longer near.

2020.2.25 Doctor claims face masks are ‘useless’ protection from Coronavirus: ‘A mask won’t save you’


wearing a mask is basically pointless. masks are pretty useless.

2020.2.24 Trump’s fury over coronavirus patients being repatriated may be justified


The patients tested positive after the arrangements for their repatriation had been made as part of the group. That prompted a heated debate between the State Department, wanting to go ahead with the repatriation, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which recommended against it. The State Department got its way.
Anne Schuchat, the CDC executive who passionately advised against the repatriation, thought the safer course of action would have been keeping the infected people in Japan, as it had initially been considered for the whole group of US passengers onboard the cruise ship. The State Department, on the other hand, trusted the precautions put in place on the plane, and considered the journey back to the US safe: The infected passengers would be separated in an enclosure in the plane.

2020.2.21 Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or Persons Under Investigation for COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings


All HCP (see section 3 for measures for non-HCP visitors) who enter the room of a patient with known or suspected COVID-19 (i.e., PUI) should adhere to Standard, Contact, and Airborne Precautions


We do not yet know how long COVID-19 remains infectious in the air. In the interim, it is reasonable to apply a similar time period before entering the room without respiratory protection as used for pathogens spread by the airborne route (e.g., measles, tuberculosis).

CDCは2月12日にhome careのガイダンスを発表しています。

2020.2.21 Cruise ship AC systems could promote rapid coronavirus spread, prof says

パデュー大学のQingyan Chen教授がクルーズの空調システムはコロナウイルスをろ過するようには設計されていないと言ってます。

According to a Purdue University air quality expert, cruise ship air conditioning systems are not designed to filter out particles as small as th coronavirus, allowing the disease to rapidly circulate to other cabins.

2020.2.21 How does the new coronavirus spread? These new studies offer clues.


So researchers and doctors are looking into whether the news SARS virus spreads this way - and taking precautions in case it can. Vito Iacoviello, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an editor at Dynamed, noted that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending people admitted to hospitals with Covid-19 be put in an airborne isolation room. “That’s the precaution we use for TB, measles, and chickenpox,” he said, and it suggests health officials are preparing for the possibility that this virus is capable of airborne spread.

2020.2.20 新型コロナウイルスで可能性が指摘された「エアロゾル感染」とは? 大西淳子=医学ジャーナリスト



2020.2.20 HVAC not likely to play role in coronavirus spread on cruise ship


The system on board the Diamond Princess was supplied by Knud E. Hansen. In a statement, Diamond Princess’ owner Princess Cruises said ‘the HVAC filtration system on our ships is comparable to those used by land-based hotels, resorts and casinos.’ This probably means this system will also not be able to filter out viruses. However, Van Dijk points out the chance of a virus spreading through the HVAC system is still very small.


‘In addition, COVID-19 is expected to spread like flu does,’ says Van Dijk. ‘And flu hardly spreads through air ducts, but through contact and moisture drops (coughing/sneezing). This is unavoidable on a ship with 2000 passengers.’ The CDC has expressed similar findings and has emphasised that staying in a cabin and limiting contact with other people are still the best ways to minimise exposure.

2020.2.20 Here’s Why The Cruise Ship Quarantine Turned Into Such A Disaster.  


Bad ventilation and a botched quarantine on the Diamond Princess likely caused hundreds of illnesses and two deaths in the largest outbreak outside China.
Cruise ships can’t filter air well enough to stop the spread of viruses
“Get off that ship - there are a lot better places to isolate people,” Purdue University's Qingyan Chen, an expert on ventilation during virus outbreaks, told BuzzFeed News. “In ships, you cannot filter the air well enough to stop viruses.”
At this point, he added, the entire ventilation system is likely filled with the virus, even if they were to switch to circulating only fresh air. “It’s really kind of too late for the Diamond Princess, right now,” he said.
“People have trouble with the fear factor - ‘airborne’ sounds scary, but flu is airborne, and we face it all the time,” said Milton. Medical isolation of infected patients with ventilation that doesn’t spread viruses to uninfected people will doubtless be one key to stopping outbreaks, he suggested.

2020.2.19 Novel coronavirus can transmit via aerosol: health authorities

中国保健当局(中華人民共和国国家衛生委員会National Health Commission of the PRC)は公式にエアロゾル感染を認めました。

Aerosol, a suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas, can transmit the novel coronavirus if anyone is exposed to a high concentrated contaminated mixture in an enclosed area for an extended period, according to a latest treatment and diagnosis plan.


Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence; however, it can be envisaged if certain aerosol-generating procedures are conducted in health care facilities.

2020.2.18 The coronavirus cruise ship quarantine is a scary public health experiment


But like SARS, there’s already some suggestion that the new coronavirus may be able to spread long distances through pipes in buildings, and potentially via feces, too. It’s also possible the virus could spread through the cruise ship’s ventilation systems, though in a letter to passengers and crew, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it has no evidence of that yet.
A Tokyo doctor who specializes in infectious diseases told the New York Times that the experiment was “an unprecedented failure.” We should learn from this lesson that a quarantine on a ship is impossible, and we should not repeat this in the future,” Eiji Kusumi said.

2020.2.16 World Health Organization’s Chief Says Coronavirus Is Airborne But Many Concealing This Including Media From US, China and Europe


When a leading Chinese researcher, Dr Zeng Qun,who is the deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, told a press briefing last Saturday in Shanghai that the new coronavirus can be spread via airborne transmission, along with Dr Shen Yinzhong, the medical director of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center who also made the similar statement at another press event on the same day, they were immediately reprimanded by Chinese authorities and China embarked on another PR exercise to refute these claims. Surprisingly certain other countries leaders and health authorities also sided China and refuted these claims despite no studies indicating that the coronavirus was not transmittable by airborne means.

We have also been told by a third party in China (data not verified yet) that a group of Chinese researchers have actually done a study to prove that the coronavirus is indeed airborne but have since been being reprimanded by the Chinese authorities. We are of the midst of secuing copy of these studies and reports and also other research studies on the coronavirus and will be submitting it to certain parties in Canada and ustralia for verification before publishing them online as these are the only safe countries at the moment.
We are now extremely confused not only on the issue of the fact that the coronavirus is indeed airborne but why the cover ups and who are behind the the coverups and why. It is also scary to think that many well known respected and trusted media and social media platforms could also be involved in the coverups.

2020.2.14 Going on a cruise? Here’s how to stay healthy onboard


As scientists learn more about the virus and how it’s transmitted, there may be more scrutiny of ventilation systems on cruise ships, Parenti adds. In a hospital, it’s possible to put a patient in a “respiratory isolation” room with frequent air exchanges.
That’s not an option for most cruise accommodations. The next best choice, according to Parenti? “I would take a window, personally.” At least you could open it and get a breeze that way.



病院の窓を全部開け放ち、扇風機でも使って室内の空気を外に排出し、ウイルスを追い出せばよかった。窓を開けて「鬼は外!」が最良の方策だったんです。 空気中に長時間浮遊し「空気感染」するインフルエンザウイルスと違い、コロナウイルスは「飛沫感染」しかしない。しかもコロナウイルスは、空気中で1~2メートルも飛べば死滅します。



 患者を収容した隔離病棟の窓を開けて、コロナウイルスを天空へ、「鬼は外!」と追い払っていたら、患者数の増加を防ぎ、減らすことができたはずなんです。」 「新型インフルエンザでは、1人の発病者が搭乗した航空機内で40人が感染し、重度の肺炎になったケースがありました。CDC(米疾病対策センター)が報告している有名な「航空機事件」ですが、これも「空気感染」ゆえです。

2020.2.13 Coronavirus on cruise ‘could spread room to room through air conditioning


Tropical disease specialist Dr Richard Dawood said coronavirus could spread if air is moving along ducts between cabins. A lot of the time it’s a shared airspace so it’s very difficult to stop an airborne virus of that kind from spreading.
When asked if coronavirus can spread through the HVAC system, Princess Cruises said: ‘According to a letter recently sent to cruise ship passengers and crew members onboard cruise ships by Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director(主任副局長) at the US CDC, there is no current evidence to suggest that the virus spreads through air-handling systems.

2020.2.11 WHO Chief Says Coronavirus Is Airborne


Ebola is lousy, this is airborne, corona is airborne and it's more contagious... In terms of potential to wreck havok corona is very different than ebola, Corona has more potensive, virulence, we take it more seriously.

2020.2.11 Experts suggest fresh air, ventilation may avert Coronavirus

シンガポールからのレポート。温かく湿度が上がると流行は収まるだろうと言ってます。また、Let fresh air in by keeping windows and doors openと言ってます。

2020.2.10 Coronavirus is airborne, Chinese official confirms


an official in Shanghai confirmed the virus also travelled through aerosol transmission, which means it can float a long distance through the air and cause infection later when it is breathed in.
"Aerosol transmission refers to the mixing of the virus with droplets in the air to form aerosols, which causes infection after inhalation, according to medical experts," Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau deputy head Zeng Qun said at press briefing on Saturday, the China Daily reports.
People are also urged to open windows in the home to help with ventilation, and disinfect door handles, dinner tables and toilet seats.

2020.2.9 How healthy buildings can help us fight coronavirus

コロナウイルスと戦うには建物を健康的なものに変えないといけない。つまりより良い換気システムをもつ建物に。さらに、higher outdoor air ventilation rates and better filtration can reduce risk from influenza, rhinovirus, tuberculosis and Sars.と述べている。

2020.1.16 COVID-19 is classified as an airborne high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.


airborne HCIDs are spread by respiratory droplets or aerosol transmission, in addition to contact routes of transmission

(追記)2020.3.19 英国はCOVID-19をHCIDから外しました。